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commercial and international crisis management - RNC group

What is a crisis?

First step: Identify the crisis. quickly.

A crisis is an exceptional, unplanned event that has the potential to adversely affect the good name or reliability of the organization, which could jeopardize its very existence, harm it severely, or jeopardize a line of products / services or sub-units, harm financial performance, harm their health or In the situation of consumers, workers, the surrounding community and the environment in general. Typically, such a situation is out of the control of managers. A crisis includes within it the nuclei for success and the roots for failure .


Crisis management is the guiding function of how to take over a crisis, reduce damage and damage the good name of the organization, while reaping the benefits of the situation. A crisis can result from a serious mishap that has gained much publicity and provoked anger in the public, or from an ongoing activity of the organization whose exposure has provoked public outrage.

At this early stage one should pay attention to warning signs and recognize the outbreak of the crisis and its arrival at the point of no return.


Crisis management. Unlike anything you knew. 

Expertise and experience. The label is a multidisciplinary strategy. Activation of special measures.

Workers "out of the box"

Crisis management is unlike anything you have known in the past. Measures by which the organization is accustomed - such as PR or taking legal action - may cause a "boomerang" effect that will harm the organization or a prolonged "war of attrition" which will not contribute to ending the crisis but rather to fixing or aggravating the damage at the organization's risk. 

communication. transparency. availability.

In order to take control of a crisis event, full and ongoing communication is required between the crisis manager and all the units of the organization, and in particular the management level. All external communication as well as internal organizational messages are passed on, dictated and approved by the crisis manager. To this end, we will be at your disposal "around the clock" until the end of the crisis.

expertise. Experience. security.

A crisis is an existential threat to the organization. Crisis management  Is not a gig . A CEO, no matter how talented; an attorney - no matter how experienced or a PR firm - no matter how connected - do not provide a comprehensive strategic solution for a quick and effective resolution of the crisis. This requires an experienced crisis management expert.

On the process before you

commercial and international crisis management - RNC group
commercial and international crisis management - RNC group

Once we have identified and recognized the existence of the crisis, there will be a phase of concentration and analysis of information (using a variety of sources and technological means), identifying strengths and vulnerabilities of the organization and its rivals and labeling a crisis management strategy and building a multi-stage action plan.

After the completion of the early preparation, the "ground preparation" will be carried out, as required, for the action without the knowledge of the opponent and in order to maximize the effect, and once this has been completed, the takeover phase will begin. The more effective the early stages, the greater the likelihood that this stage will be shortened and lead to a speedy decision.

The goal will be to resolve and resolve the crisis, generate profits and turn it into an opportunity. There will then be an evaluation phase of the organization's functioning and a plan for "vaccinating" it against future crises.

Important to note: A crisis event is a traumatic event for an organization. This is a groundbreaking event. Its management consumes a lot of resources - both financial and psychological. Therefore, a significant part of the early preparation will include coordinating expectations and preparing you for what is expected. At the end of the day - any crisis event is also an opportunity. An optimal outcome of a crisis will be, in addition to its decision, also strengthening the organization, locating and addressing its weaknesses, and utilizing it to improve, develop and create a future commercial advantage.


Important Information

How to get optimally prepared for a crisis

If possible: Prepare for a crisis even before it is created! Early preparation for the crisis will prevent it in the first place in many cases and even if such occurs it will significantly shorten the preparation times, improve the speed and efficiency of response, shorten the duration of the crisis and maximize the chance of deciding for the organization. We will always prefer to accompany our clients even before the crisis has occurred and build with them a "bride" plan that will bring about exactly these results.

If the crisis has occurred or is about to occur: the best advice you can get - avoid mistakes . Do not improvise. Do not sniff. Do not take independent steps that will aggravate the situation and further complicate the resolution of the crisis. Speed of response and efficiency - critical . Contact a crisis management expert immediately (and not "Kolboinik" even if he is a lawyer, consultant or an excellent PR person in his field). Crisis management is a real war - there is no room for mistakes.  


"Battle Fog": The crisis manager is the commander-in-chief, the "commander" and he (and not the CEO or board of directors) manages the campaign (in full cooperation with the various levels of management of course). Avoid releasing unnecessary information to those who do not have to Other people do not need to know that the organization is or is about to be in crisis, what its nature is, and how you intend to act, they do not need to know who the expert you have chosen to manage the crisis for you and certainly what courses of action are planned by him. As part of crisis management, limited, trending information (sometimes distorted or misleading) is disseminated and only in a way that helps achieve the goals.


Using a unique toolbox: A true crisis management expert is not limited to the limited means familiar to you from the normal business environment and will not automatically (and certainly exclusively!) Recommend a legal campaign or media campaign (certainly not to gain self-publicity on your account). These measures (mainly due to the difficulty of anticipating their consequences and outcome) will usually be among the last to be used in crisis management. Effective crisis management will, in most cases, eliminate the need to take legal action or at least resolve the crisis long before the proceedings are decided ... Remember: One of the goals of the campaign before you is a quick decision ("knock-out") and not being dragged into a "war of attrition" which Play with your opponent.

Our organization has many years of proven experience in crisis management. Our clients enjoy a wide toolbox that includes unique technological means, leading experts in a variety of fields (including in the fields of forensic computing and cyber, investigations and operations, psychology and psychiatry and more). We conduct legal proceedings as needed and as an integral part of crisis management - both ourselves and in cooperation with the leading law firms in Israel and around the world (we organize branches and contacts in about 75 countries around the world, including those that are not in diplomatic relations with Israel). We provide our customers with solutions around the globe when, as needed, we manage the crisis in several countries at the same time.


Customers say about us

Because in the end that's what really matters

You cannon on,

Thank you.

Listen well if one day in life you decide to act against me I run to the moon ... the name will help, how much information can be revealed today ... the day this story is over I come to work with you.

Listen !!!! That you are professional / magician / elementary / smart / and charismatic ... I knew !! But that you prophesied and read the map at first I did not know. Now I read the transcripts I would like to be a fly on the wall when his lawyer gets the material ... 😂😂😂😂😂


Dr. 11/1/22

A.B.. 23/4/21

I.A. 17/3/21


Customers say about us

You cannon on,

Thank you.

Listen well if one day in life you decide to act against me I run to the moon ... the name will help, how much information can be revealed today ... the day this story is over I come to work with you.

Listen !!!! That you are professional / magician / elementary / smart / and charismatic ... I knew !! But that you prophesied and read the map at first I did not know. Now I read the transcripts I would like to be a fly on the wall when his lawyer gets the material ... 😂😂😂😂😂


Dr. 11/1/22

father. 23/4/21

I.A. 17/3/21

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